TradeMaster trading platform

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TradeMaster trading platform

TradeMaster is the newest software for automated exchange trading, allowing also private individuals to take daily participation in financial markets’ events. Differentiated methods of market analysis and 24-hour trading without the expense of their time with the help of totally unmanned pro strategics from stock exchange experts with the possibility of constant monitoring for market participants is an undoubted advantage for traders.

With the help of TradeMaster software and its connection with internationally recognized financial institutions it is possible to conclude directly purchase and sale transactions. Extensive financial instruments provide support with the accurate assessment of what is happening within the stock exchange. Now traders with small capital can make good money here. The biggest advantage for customers is the ability to automate operations: those who do not have the time to monitor what is happening on the exchange and conduct their trades constantly, can simply instruct the software to do it for them.

In accordance with their own preferences in trading and risk aversion, it is possible to establish adblue master strategies, for which TradeMaster constantly interprets the market situation, reacting to them with fully automatically concluded transactions of purchase and sale. This platform ensures the newest methods of analysis and tools for targeted, successful trade.

TradeMaster’s configurations based on user needs

  • It is possible to create new brands through full support for White-Labeling. The interface graphics can be completely changed according to the client’s needs;
  • All TradeMaster functions have the form of modules (can be activated or disabled);
  • Colors, design and downloads can be changed with White-Labeling;
  • Support for individual White Label software for IB brokers and Sub-IB brokers and partners;
  • Back-end CRM with absolutely defined access rights for administrators of IB brokers and Sub-IB brokers and creating statistical reports;
  • CRM integrates easily into present software;
  • The data is archived by LZV and encoded with 256-bit Twofsh;
  • Pamm / Lamm / Manged Account / SignalProvider System;
  • It is possible to apply within the following markets: Forex, CFD, options, stocks, funds, futures, etc.;

 Productive capacity’s automatic servers

  • Multiple server units with IBM Blade server-frame;
  • Two-socket system with Intel Xeon 8-core 2.66 Ghz;
  • Each system is approximately 100GB of RAMm;
  • Ingres Vectorwise DB support in back- and live-testing;
  • More than 10,000 orders per second can be placed;
  • Self-organizing, highly scalable, multi-threaded modules;
  • Triple-redundant software system;
  • X64-compiled executable files with C #, C ++ and Assembler source codes;
  • Data related to clients are archived by LZV and encoded by 256-bit Twofsh;
  • Schedule keys and military-strong encryption techniques;
  • Highly asynchronous TCP sockets for server-to-server and client-server communications;
  • In-memory caches of various levels.

TradeMaster trading platform: certification

  • Certified and tested in accordance with international TUV;
  • Certified in accordance with ISO 25051 (Software-Engineering and COTS);
  • Certified in accordance with DIN EN ISO 9241 (Usability - Audit);
  • Certified in accordance with the German Data Protection Act (BDSG);

The latest technologies for the TradeMaster trading platform’s client

  • Written by highly-optimized, multithreaded C #, C ++ and Assembler;
  • Supports more than 50,000 data changes per second;
  • Has a direct connection to the bank, bypassing the adblue server;
  • Uses Windows Presentation Foundation, in order to provide the client with affluent user interface graphics;
  • Compatible with DirectX, it is possible to use touchscreen monitors and Trader - Keyboad Supports the installation of multi-monitors, and it is possible to trade with each Windows logon device;
  • Integrated strong encryption system for communication with the automatic server trading system;
  • LZV- and Hufmann archiving for use with lower bandwidth and low network latency;
  • Protection at various levels of current authorization / registration.

The developers took care of the constant free update for the TradeMaster trading platform.


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