Ninja Trader platform

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Ninja Trader platform

NinjaTrader is a professional analytical and trading platform. It implements the possibility of trading within financial markets: the foreign exchange market and the exchange trade (trading by means of futures contracts). Despite its wide functionality, theNinjaTrader trading platform is simple and easy to use. It implements all the latest achievements and elaborations within trading sphere inside fiscal rialtos. The user can establish commerce schemes, automate the trading process, and so on.

Ninja Trader platform: additional features

  • 24/7 maintenance;
  • The ability to use the platform’s demo mode;
  • Possibility of mechanical commerce;
  • Level II, tape, quotes and rialto’s intensity;
  • Built-in trailing halts, automatic ordering without loss;
  • Easy to program indicators, custom scripts and strategies.

The NinjaTrader platform exists and is delivered to the user within the base variant (the primary trading platform capabilities) and the extended version (with the built-in option of mechanical commerce). If automation is not needed, then one can use the platform for free or on a fee basis when using the full version.

Before starting to use NinjaTrader, one need to decide on a quote provider, data feed:

  • eSignal;
  • Zen-Fire;
  • TradeStation;
  • Interactive Brokers;
  • GAIN Capital /;
  • IQ Feed from DTN.

Many of these options are paid, and some when opening a real trading account are free.

Ninja Trader: peculiar properties

  1. Order management from the sked

The NinjaTrader platform gives an excellent opportunity to combine trading with technical assay and to handle immediately from the graph in real time.


  • Setting, canceling/changing all types of orders directly from the chart;
  • Tracking actual position size, profit / loss average price of entry;
  • Using improved trading strategies;
  • Improved and modified system of SuperDOM applications.
  1. NinjaTrader’s glass of applications allows setting up, cancelling and changing warrants with just one click. That’s very convenient. It also provides trading management in semi-automatic mode using special ATM technology.


  • Operative placement of trading orders to enter and exit the position, as well as the possibility of increasing / decreasing the position;
  • Setting orders, changing them with a single click;
  • Visual graphic design of orders and open trading position;
  • Ordering - One Cancel Other (OCO) - one entry order cancels the other);
  • The technology of modern ATM traffic management.


  1. These technologies allow the trader to take advantage of semi-automated commerce using templates of trading schemes.


  • Automatic setting of Profit and Target Stop Loss levels during setting a warrant;
  • Orders OCO - automatic abolition of warrants when executing another one;
  • Mechanical leveling of breakeven;
  • Mechanic trailing stoppages;
  • Improved work within charts.
  1. The graphics of the NinjaTrader commerce halt are extremely supple, easily customizable and intuitive; they allow the trader to visualize the market in any convenient form.


  • Different gaps and manners, comprehensiveness of graphs’ visualization;
  • Over a hundred of technical detectors;
  • Possibility to cultivate individual detectors;
  • Commerce process with the charts immediately;
  • Market analysis window.
  1. Quotations’ window with numerous time intervals, tools and technical assay, based on the data of more than 100 indicators.


  • Full control of Indicator Columns;
  • Backlight and signals at time intervals based on user-defined rules;
  • Picking, dynamic ranking and filter system;
  • Growth and testing of commerce schemes.
  1. The possibility to create and test the history of their own trading strategies is provided.


  • A great chance of creating strategies for those who do not have a special education;
  • High-performance testing strategies on historical data;
  • Testing in real time within Demo mode;
  • Real-time orders management and trade automation.


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