Mirror Trader platform

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Mirror Trader platform

A forex is one of the largest and most successful financial services companies within the market, it has been operating since 2007. This international broker offers its customers the most secure and modern technologies in order to trade within the currency market by means of online mode. For this, the trading platform Mirror Trader is used.

Mirror Trader platform: main advantages

  1. The investor turns out to be fully profitable, and what is especially important is that there are no commissions that are observed within other trading platforms;
  2. An investor can always control his funds, and the investments are complete anonym;
  3. It is possible to create successful strategies’ portfolio;
  4. Even if the investor's personal computer is being in the off state, signals’ automatic copying is carried out to the personal account within 24 hours;
  5. Such trading platform can work from any place where there is an Internet;
  6. Applications are available for all mobile devices.

When creating this platform, an original and bright concept was used, which operates upon the principle of "mirror trade". It is suited for private Forex clients thanks to the ability to use the most advanced technologies.

Aspects of Mirror Trader trading platform

Among other advantages that this trading platform possesses, it should be specially noted that it functions very simply, anyone can learn how to work with it and it does not take much time for this. The principle of its work is as follows: there are special Tradency services, which are designed to track signals of "selling" and "buying" those who are engaged in the development of strategic actions. When using Mirror Trader, it becomes possible to analyze, make views and assess all incoming signals from high-level managers who trade within the Forex market. After that all the valuable information can be safely transferred to the user’s account, which is some guarantee of high profit, this attracts a growing number of Aforex customers. Also, flexibility in the selection should be noted: one can choose the manual trading mode, can work within automatic mode, and can start semi-automatic trading.

There is an excellent opportunity to copy all transactions. The user can inspect all strategies’ signals, and can copy already selected signals. All selected transactions can be executed online, directly on the account of the manager.

Methods of trading by means of Mirror Trader resource

Automatic trading technique. When strategy is chosen, the client can automatically apply all available signals of the selected action to the account of his broker. The whole principle of this technique is that the user himself should not take any action; everything makesMirror Trader. Maybe that's why the positive feedback about this trading instrument is so numerous.

Semi-automatic trading consists in the fact that after seeing all signals of the most attractive strategies, the manager can copy the operation that seems to him/her the most suitable and then he/she uses it on his\her trading account successfully. After the choice of such a trading operation is made, the user decides how to close the positions himself - in manual mode or in automatic mode, when the provider has already closed its trades.

The manual trading mode is identical to the traditional way of trading, but there is a difference: the client can use the large base of an experienced and successful trader.

When talking about the Mirror Trader platform’s merits it should be noted that those who develop effective strategies, can share their experiences with other users, being located in different countries around the world.


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