MetaTrader 4

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MetaTrader 4

The MetaTrader 4 commercial halt is one of the most powerful and in-demand multi-market platforms. With its help one can trade instruments Forex, CFD, Futures, carry out technical skeds’ assay and derive considerable fiscal sector tidings of current interest.

In order to commence marketing within Forex, one needs to: unveil a commercial or demo account, start within the browser or download the MT4 terminal for the device, and introduce the account data to enter the platform. AMarkets provides few MetaTrader 4 variants for the browser and devices keeping Windows, MAC OS, iOS and Android – for Russian users, CIS, Europe and Asia. Private traders have recognized the MT4 halt as the industry reference, because it perfectly combines an apprehensible interface and a spacious outfit of necessary tackles. So, adding to a certain commerce process, one can tempt strategies within history, compose and supplement pointers or scripts for automatic commerce, detect associates and shapes on charts by means of analytical tackles, and so on.

MetaTrader 4 mobile applications support commerce and analytical functions of desktop versions. However, options such as installing and testing Expert Advisors, using the store, buying signals, and downloading the archive of quotes are not yet available on mobile gadgets.

MetaTrader 4 trading halt’s features

MT4 terminal provides trading within fiscal rialtos, it is conducted using two types of warrants: market orders with immediate execution and deferred. When forming each transaction, one can also set the levels of Take Profit and Stop Loss, according to which the deals will be closed in order to fix the profit or prevent the growth of the loss. In addition MetaTrader 4 still has the option Trailing Stop. It automatically moves the Stop Loss level by several points from the market price in case the asset moves in the required direction. As regards the trend reversal, the Stop Loss level remains unchanged.

MetaTrader 4 offers ample opportunities to automate trading within Forex. For algorithmic trading, a database of advisers and indicators is presented here. After opening an account in AMarkets one will get free access to the library of advisers, developed by the experts. Before using robotic assistants, one can test them in the history within the terminal and independently assess how effectively they reacted upon market signals in the past. In case one wants to modify the Expert Advisor or create his/her own indicator, theMetaTrader 4 built in the developer environment - MQL4 IDE (MetaQuotes Language 4 Integrated Development Environment). It includes an editor and tackles for debugging, compiling and testing commerce strategies.

Contact the personal manager of AMarkets who will advise you on the work of the MetaTrader 4 trading terminal and answer all questions. His contacts are displayed in the private office on the right.

MetaTrader 4: privileges

  • Multilanguage and intelligible interface:
  • The actuality of tidings’ line;
  • High versatility, productiveness, security;
  • Applying to ready-made technical hints and advisors and the ability to create individual ones;
  • Automatic commerce process supported by MQL4;
  • Hedge support;
  • Setting of sound background for rialto events’ notification;
  • Trading through the iPhone, iPad, and another mobile gadgets;
  • Assay of fiscal tackles at various time gaps;
  • Exporting current quotes in good time;
  • Divers types of warrants’ implementation;
  • Free usage of AutoChartist notes;

As the conclusion it may be noted that the MetaTrader 4 platform’s reviews are most positive.


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