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Markets Trader

British company City Credit Capital has released its own trading platform for more comfortable trading of its customers. This platform is Markets Trader. It’s very easy to use this trading terminal, but at the same time Markets Trader is very multifunctional. Trading platform Markets Trader instantly executes all orders, regardless of whether the opening or closing of this trade transaction.

The Markets Trader platform allows traders to commerce by means of any foreign currency, as well as CFD. At the same time, it is a single multi-product platform. There is a lot of both analytical information and fresh news about the situation within the foreign exchange market. City Credit Capital (UK) Ltd offers its customers to use the most liquid tools represented within the trading platform Markets Trader.

The platform works with standard orders: Take Profit, Stop Loss, OCO, Limit Orders, etc. The CCC guarantees no slippage and requotes when executing orders.

The interface is a familiar multi-window terminal, with 5 desktops (Workspace). On each of the desktops, a trader can form a group of windows at his discretion: quotes, graphs, open positions, journal, closed positions, pending orders, news, account statistics, etc. Trading instruments currently include 14 currency pairs (FOREX) and CFD for indices, CFD for agricultural products, CFDs on Metal Products, CFDs on Energy Products. The number of available indicators for the demo account is 40. Demo account requests are processed within a few hours, round the clock support service.

So, the advantages of using Markets Trader are:

  • Fast execution of any type of orders;
  • Absence of the possibility of "slipping" or re-exporting in a normal market;
  • Levels of limit orders and stop loss within a stable market;
  • 1 click to execute the liquidation;
  • Special calculator trader;
  • Availability of news feed Dow Jones;
  • Providing technical analysis to Trading Central;
  • Free access to "One-cancels-other";
  • The availability of a mobile version of the trading platform - is an opportunity to trade at any time in any place.

It’s worth mentioning, that Markets Trader halt gives its users the following additional opportunities:

  1. Complementary visual tools. With these tools, a trader can plot trend lines, channel boundaries, Fibonacci levels; various point markers, and other elements that are very useful in analyzing the behavior of currency pairs;
  2. Graphs of quotes and technical indicatorsMarkets Trader platform already contains many options for built-in indicators with the ability to change their parameters. The trader can also add his own indicators, either ready-made or independently created. Most indicators are displayed directly on the price chart of the instrument, but some of them (for example, MACD or RSI) are displayed in a specially selected area at the bottom of the price chart window;
  3. Account Information. Account balance, aggregate margin, information upon open orders (price and opening time, volume, stops, commission, swaps, etc.), pending orders, history of closed and canceled deals - all this a trader can find here. Also, the platform allows to generate a statistical report on the results of trading for a particular period.

There is also an application designed for mobile devices with iOS platforms and Android. Having a device with such a platform (iPhone, iPad, tablet or mobile phone), the trader receives round-the-clock access to his/her account (trading or demonstrative) no matter where he/she is now dwelling.


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